About Us


Our Story

Dwight and I met at Uni while studying photography, I was a single mother of a beautiful little girl and Dwight was the shy guy at the back of our classrooms. Long train rides and many assignments later our mutual love for photography, eventually grew into a love for each other, combine that with a  passion for capturing beautiful memories and Little Lovebug Photography was born. We started out photographing a bit of everything and Dwight's love for film became evident while shooting a wedding film for one of our uni assignments, (he passed with flying colours by the way!), so eventually we made the decision together to open the door and venture into cinematic wedding films.  Today we have a thriving little business, and we still love weddings!

Living and working together would drive a lot of couples to the edge, but not us, it seemed to be a perfect fit. We hated being away from each other even for a minute! It wasn't long though before Dwight decided to pop the BIG question!!...  on his sisters 21st birthday.... sorry Tilly!!  It had been very hard to surprise me, when I had an inkling it was coming, we'd stopped for breakfast one morning and had walked in to Micheal Hill to simply "look" and Dwight - a man who couldn't wait, ended up walking out with a beautiful diamond ring. He made me wait for it though!  Every time we left the house I was looking for "perfect moments" where he might just ask that special question.  But I was surprised 2 months later when he chose that specific moment to hijack his sisters birthday celebration and asked me marry him in front of his family. 

So here we are today, parents to a twelve year old little girl, running a business and now FINALLY HAPPILY MARRIED! So when we say we know how you feel, we really do! We know just how much all those tiny little details that go into making your wedding day perfect are important to you, and we know the pressure and the stress involved in making the big investments in your day and we want to be the ones to help ease a little bit of the stress and confusion and to create beautiful memories for you, for years to come.