On Saturday 29th of September we had the pleasure of capturing Chloe and Tim's gorgeous wedding ceremony at AnnaBella The Wedding Chapel. This couple is something special, if you haven't yet heard their story, Tim was involved in a Bucks Party prank that went horribly wrong just a week before he was due to marry his stunning fiancĂ© and mother of his two beautiful boys. It was an accident that left him with multiple fractures in his vertebrae. Tim now has to wear a halo neck brace that will remain drilled into his skull for the next 3-6 months. In spite of it all, he still wanted to make Chloe his wife and although it wasn't the wedding they had planned, they were surrounded by so much love and support. And through it all Tim smiled lovingly at his bride.

Tim now requires around the clock care, and unfortunately is unable to work, which isn't the most ideal way to start off their married life together, especially with two young boys. 
I just could not imagine how I would feel in their situation, but they all remain optimistic and Tim has the most positive outlook looking forward.

There is a GoFundMe account set up for donations to help ease the burden of caring for their young family during his recovery. Every little bit helps.

We can't wait to get together again with the newlyweds in 6 months time to join the party and to capture their reception. Until then Keep Smiling Mr & Mrs Cornthwaite