For us the most amazing thing about being photographers is getting to know people. We love being able to share in the LOVE, whether thats newlywed love, family love or baby love and we feel blessed that we get to work with such wonderful people each day. We consider it the greatest privilege to be invited to capture someones essence, their emotions, their love & most of all their memories. Our favourite part of any session or wedding is those few brief moments when you forget that we are there to take your picture. That's when we are lucky enough to capture a glimpse of real love through our lenses, Love without reservation, without self-consciousness, just pure emotion. Nothing in the world beats that feeling. 

Based on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Little Lovebug Photography & Film have been photographing people and weddings for about 5 years. Jakki with her  background in fine arts and fashion, and Dwight with his attention to detail make a great team. Our clients rave about our friendly nature and our ability to allow each person in front of our lens to relax and be themselves. 

When we are not behind our cameras you can find us planning our own wedding, and relaxing at home with our 11 year old daughter Bianca.  Our favourite hobbies include, photography, for fun, horse riding [we have two beautiful thoroughbreds], motocross and we take pleasure in all things creative. Our minds are constantly overflowing with creative ideas and every where we look is a source of inspiration. We often find ourselves wide awake until early hours of the morning working or adding finishing touches to our latest creations. 

Our Unique Photographic Style

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We are natural light photographers, and love to chase the light to get you moody, authentic shots. We offer gentle direction if needed but opt to capture real unposed moments between you and your new husband/wife.